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8 1/2 Souvenirs

8 1/2 Souvenirs @6:30pm. $5 cover. 21+ only.

It’s true! In 2014, after 20 years apart, the members of 8 1⁄2 Souvenirs reunited and took up residency at C-Boy’s for their Tuesday happy hour.
In 1994, the band made its mark on Austin’s music scene, adding their unique blend of Euro-swing & jazz beats to the catalogue of quality music Austin is known for. They recorded their acclaimed album, “Happy Feet”, on Continental Records in 1995, and things took off from there. The band members changed over the next several years, and they eventually called it quits in 2001. Now they're back together, sounding as they always should have - and they’re having a blast doing it! More importantly, they are excited to share their Charlie Sexton produced new album “At The Movies”with their fans and friends. Come see what the buzz is all about!

March 28, 2023
C-Boy's Heart & Soul
2008 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, USA