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Heartchaser/Left of West/Rinas

Austin's own Heartchaser team up with Houston rockers, Left of West and Rinas for a super rockin' Thursday night at the Big Top!

The collaboration of Sarah Castro (lead singer, guitar), Megan Hartman (bass), Noble Cole (backing vocals, percussion), Kyle Ponder (drums), and Kevin Manship (lead guitar) all spawned from a number of rock, soul, and country bands including Los Coast, Mike and the Moonpies, Belcurve, Bummertown, Colt Wayne Keeny, and more.  

The project fell into their laps after a number of changes in their own personal and musical lives throughout the last few years, all coming together to form a perfect combination that feeds their souls. 

What drew them together was a desire to bring the world a heartfelt and dynamic show.  You will hear an explosion of dark guitar and bass riffs alongside heavy drums, combined with soaring vocals and  moments of gentle harmonies.

Left of West
Left of West.  What is left of west actually?  More "west."  And that's exactly what they are.  Although only a few may know of them , they're more than just a new name.  Left of West or "LoW" for the acronym fans, is actually a product of over 10 years in the making.   Jake Allen (founder and drummer) initially started this project up under Slow Turn with now guitarist Josh Davis and ex guitarist Josh Hammonds..  After Jake's stint with Houston's Square and Compass and Olajuwon (ex Tiger Party) Jake wanted to tap into some more mellow tunes that are inspired by some nostalgia of early 90s days of alternative and emo.   Taking  inspiration of Nada Surf (and one of emo's heavy hitters -ex Promise Ring) and Maritime, the Josh's and Jake starting writing. They recorded demos upon demos, hoarding up creativity, changing members, changing names, but never quitting. The band reached a formative time under the name of Drug Money Sunset (can still find on Spotify).  Drug Money Sunset hit Houston, but only for a short time, no thanks to Covid.  During Covid, DMS went under a reformative stage and changed singers, and guitarist and of course, name.  So now, Left of West is here to stay giving willing listeners an earful of mellifluous tunes!  

Left of West is:

Allison Holmes on vocals, Cory Martin on bass, Josh Davis on guitar, Kory Lewis on guitar and Jake Allen on drums.

Rinas kick off the show!

Cover is $10 and tips for the band are greatly appreciated!


8:00 Big Top Opens

9:00 Rinas

9:45 Heartchaser

10:30 Left of West

December 15
Shoeshine Charley's Big Top Lounge
3714 Main St, Houston, TX 77002, USA