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Yosemite Trip for 7th Grade

The 7th-grade adventure week trip is coming up on June 7th-10th! The 7th graders will be camping in Yosemite National Park Tuesday through Thursday nights. Students will have a normal school start time on Tuesday morning. We will load up 3 large SUVs driven by LTS teachers and arrive at the park that afternoon to set up camp. Students will cook most of their own meals in cooking groups. We will have two hiking days, including an 8-mile hike up The Mist Trail to the top of Nevada Falls. We will break camp on Friday morning and should return to campus for normal dismissal at 3:10. 


Attached is the initial gear list for the trip.  There are some limited items in the school gear room that you are welcome to borrow, but they should be fitted and reserved well in advance. Also, if your child has outgrown and no longer needs such items, a donation to the stockpile would be welcomed. It is especially important that hiking boots/shoes (think Merrell hikers -- not Air Jordans :  ) are well-fitted and broken in before the trip.  Additionally, due to the volatility of the weather in Yosemite, and for the safety of individuals and the team, please advise that we will be strictly adhering to the requirements outlined in the gear list.  


LTS and local adventure company, Move Mountains, will provide group equipment such as tents, stoves/fuel, pots, food, navigation tools, first aid, trowels, etc. Each student is responsible for his/her own personal equipment and snack / lunch for the first day. Check off the items as you pack (or set aside to wear) so you remember it all! All items need to come to school for the pre- departure check on the Friday before the trip. 


We will have a gear check on Friday, June 3rd. The attached gear list is similar to the gear list we will be using in the fall, so if you purchase anything; you may want to size it a little bigger. We realize the expense this represents and appreciate your support. Your child is required to bring the attached gear for the gear check and to leave it at school between the day of the gear check and the day of departure to ensure everything makes it on the trip. Following the gear check we will compile a list of missing items and those items need to be brought in the following Monday, June 6th (please be respectful of student, teacher, and learning time by being fully prepared on Friday the 3rd).


Adventure education is an integral part of the Lake Tahoe School middle school experience and is essential to community building, leadership development, and teamwork. Specifically, it is where students develop perseverance in the face of adversity, confidence in themselves and their team, humility in their communication with others, and work ethic in their contributions to the success of the community. Participation is expected. What’s more, missing these trips means missing a shared experience with friends and teachers that serves as a foundation for classroom relationships.  This will be our 3rd school trip to Yosemite in the last ten years, and it is one of the highlights for our middle school Bobcats. The experiences your child has on these trips improves their ability to self-advocate and work with teachers and peers at school.  That said, we understand that absences are sometimes unavoidable. If your child will be missing the trip for any reason, please notify me as soon as possible since this may affect how much food and other items are needed.

We are excited to be back out on the trail this year after a two-year hiatus, and we appreciate your support! You can expect a follow-up email with dietary, medical, waiver and additional information in the coming weeks. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Tuesday, June 07 - Friday, June 10