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MSMS | HORIZON Combined Spring Choir Concert
By MPS Choir
Day rehearsals
Is this event open to the public? : Yes
Do you need Access to the Dressing Rooms : No
Production Name : MMS and HI Combined Spring Choir Concert
Contact Name : Sarah Green, Megan Deister
Contact Email :'
Sponsoring Department/ Organization/ Business : MMS and HI choirs
Set-Up Time (Start & End Times) : 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Rehearsal Time (Start & End Times) : 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Open Lobby Doors Time : 6:30 pm
Opening of House (Performance Room) Time : 6:30 pm
Start of Show Time : 7:00 pm
Estimated End of Show Time : 8:30 pm
Estimated Audience Attendance : 1000
Estimated Number of Performers : 200
Will you be selling Tickets : No
Will you need Dressing Rooms, Make-up Room : No
Will you need the Greenroom : No
Will you need lighting to change during your event? : No
Will you need the use the projector during your event? : Yes
Will you need the Curtain to open and close during the event? : No
Will you need the Loading Area. Scene Shop? : No

I agree to a Technical Needs Meeting 2 weeks Prior to the Event Date : Yes: Sarah and Megan will take care of this. during the day