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Doomsday Events (Level 10+)

The Doomsday Machine has re-emerged! Work with your Alliance to take on the fearsome Doomsday worms and Armadas.


Day 1-3: Alliance Milestone & Leaderboard for completing solo events and defeating Doomsday enemies (10+)

Day 1: Raid resources from hostiles to prepare for battle (10+ SMS)

Day 2: Defeat Doomsday worms (30+ SMS) or other special hostiles (10-29 SMS) to weaken the enemy.

Day 2-3: Start & defeat Doomsday Armadas (30+ SMS, SLB)


There will also be a Heroic SMS event running each day to give bonus rewards during the event period for each Armada start.

local Monday, 16 May - Thursday, 19 May
event Tuesday, 17 May - Thursday, 19 May
local 11:00pm - 10:59pm