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Con Su Pluma en Su Mano: The Ballad of Gustavo Arellano

One of the most prolific Latino journalists in America, Gustavo Arellano, faces the challenges of a changing landscape in journalism while trying to stay true to his principles and unique voice. Gustavo Arellano was the author of the nationally syndicated column, “Ask a Mexican,” and the editor of OC Weekly. He is currently a columnist for the Los Angeles Times and host of their daily news podcast, “The Times.”

Director: Brendan Bubion / Santa Ana, CA


In Your Arms Tonight

A young maid contemplates her future after having an affair with her rich employer, who is struggling to reconnect with his wife after she was sexually assaulted over a year ago.

Director: Jonathan Gonzales / El Paso, TX


El Camaroncito

An oral history of the story of the dancing devil surrounding the Night Club "El Camaroncito." Marbach Rap Stars as well as Tejano Hall of Famers that Selena once opened for all talk about the story that was heard about "El Camaroncito." 

Director: Arturo Javier Mireles / San Antonio, TX



An undocumented Mexican house cleaner, finds something unexpected and controversial in the homeowners' closet. She leaves an unmistakable message.

Director: David Guillermo Barba / Mexico


Good Morning, Ignacio

One morning, Ignacio discovers his beloved bonsai tree fighting between life and death. The struggle for the survival of both Ignacio and his bonsai gives an unexpected turn to their lives.

Directors: Alan Jonsson Gavica, Leticia Fabián / Mexico


Heartbreak Country

The remains of thousands of undocumented immigrants lie undiscovered in the remote and inhospitable landscape of Brooks County, TX. The bodies that have been found were often buried in poorly marked graves, many interred in trash bags and other makeshift containers, a consequence of one of the poorest counties in the United States being overwhelmed by a migrant death crisis that has been unfolding for decades. Heartbreak Country explores attempts by the non-profit organization Operation Identification and the South Texas Human Rights Center to locate, exhume, and identify the dead from this heartbreaking humanitarian crisis. The film also explores the search and recovery efforts of the Texas State Guard and the apprehension efforts of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit. Through interviews and observational footage, the film adds another important facet to the ongoing discussion about migrant issues and immigration reform in the United States.

Director: Edward Tyndall / Denver, CO


Dream Carriers

On a final ride through her neighborhood, a college-bound Chicana reflects on past generations of women through the telling of the migration of monarch butterflies.

Director: Esmeralda Hernandez / United States


August 03
12:30pm - 2:30pm
Radius Center
106 Auditorium Circle #120
San Antonio, Texas United States