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Tablet Coating Webinar

Tablet Coating

Making Ready to Use Film Coatings faster, easier, consistent and cost effective compared to in-house systems
Big pharma manufacturers are moving away from traditional in-house coating to a more efficient practice of using aqueous based ready-mix coating systems. Innovators are starting to realize that ready to use coating systems are faster, safer, easier and a more robust way of coating the tablets.
To throw more light on this, Kerry invites you to join us for a live session where our experts will discuss conversion from in-house coating to ready to use aqueous based coating and why its more important than ever now to make the shift.

Session 1

December, 17 at 09:30 Indochina Time (UTC +7)​

Good for East and South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Session 2

December, 17 at 16:00 Indochina Time (UTC +7)

Good for South and South West Asia, Middle East and Africa




December 17
9:30am - 5:00pm