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BASF Topicals Series: Using topical semi-solid microstructure, QbD, and DoE to enhance product attributes

Event Summary

Critical quality attributes are product characteristics that are influenced by formulation inputs and topical semi-solid microstructure. To gain a fundamental understanding of individual excipient ingredients, quality by design (QbD) and design of experiment (DoE) can be used to systematically approach the drug development process. The application of QbD in relation to excipient functionality and cream performance attributes will be discussed in detail during this third and final webinar dedicated to dermatological trends.


Accelerating Topical Product Development using Systematic Design of Experiments

A Topical Formulation Development Case Study:

Predicting Emulsion Stability using Machine-Learning with Kollicream® & Kolliphor®

Key Learning Objectives

  • Plan efficient experimental design workflows using statistics-based DoE that overcome the limitations of “traditional” methods.
  • Implement a data driven pre-formulation screening framework to accelerate topical formulation development with machine learning.
  • Apply QbD methodologies to accurately predict stable topical cream formulation compositions.
November 16
8:00am - 9:30am