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The Fundamentals of an Effective and Compliant Thermal Validation

Thermal validation is a critical part of ensuring that temperature-controlled units are consistently reliable and accurate. Incorrect validation can lead to harsh regulatory consequences and harm the end consumer. 

Unfortunately, many pharma professionals find thermal validation overwhelming as very little practical guidance is available in the regulations. The actual pragmatic implementation of the guidelines can be heavily based on experience with the regulatory bodies. 

Jakob, the speaker at this webinar, has designed it specifically to take the mystery out of regulatory requirements and deliver concise information on meeting the regulators’ expectations.

Jakob Konradsen has extensive experience in thermal validation projects- from temperature-controlled units to large-scale warehouses and transport vehicles. He works with companies to ensure thermal compliance to their internal and regulatory requirements, constantly adapting a risk-based approach. 

This webinar will give you a great understanding of the fundamentals of thermal validation. We will also provide examples of practical implementation of the different elements, ensuring you comply with the regulatory requirements.

By the end of the webinar, you will better understand the requirements set forth by the regulatory bodies and have better confidence in choosing a thermal validation strategy.

March 22
4:00pm - 5:30pm
This is an online event at Online